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HermeSys is a company with reliable technology that has endeavored to make great efforts for studies
with the aim to provide the best service to society.
We will become your best business partner with consistent earnest attitudes
by advancing spatial information-processing technology; providing customized, location-based information service for companies and customers; establishing more advanced product sales and maintenance policies;
and establishing the customer-oriented project execution and management methods.

GIS Product / System Development

Development of GIS Product and System
With the fundamental GIS technology,
we develop products and systems applicable to various projects.

Mobile Location Service

Implementation of Mobile Location Service
We implement the most optimal mobile location service.

Spatial Data Construction

Implementation of Spatial Geographical DB Data
We implement the most optimal
spatial geographical information DB with many years
of experience in the field.

GIS Research/Development

R&D of GIS Key Technology
We are consistently developing new technologies that respond to the GIS key technology R&D market to improve our competitiveness.

IT system Consulting

IT System Consulting
We assess the characteristics of business in various fields and provide consulting with our customers for optimal solution development that meets the professionalism in that field.

HermeSys Product – HyGIS v2.0

HyGIS v2.0 is an open-source GIS-based spatial information processing tool that
does not belong to a commercial product or a specific vendor.
According to Article 5.1 of the enforcement order of the Software Industry Promotion Act, the Telecommunication Technology Association (TTA, South Korea) certified this product as Software Quality Class 1.

Characteristics of HyGIS Products
  • Applied GDAL, TauDEM, MapWinGIS, and other latest open-source technology
  • Applied Message Passing Interface (MPI) (Hydrologic terrain processing)
  • Supported Open Street Map background mesh-up
  • Supported standard vector (SHP) and raster (TIF) format
  • Supported to import main formats (ADF (ESRI Binary GRID), IMG, ASC)
  • Supported coordinates system (WGS 84, UTM system, TM system)

Main Functions of HyGIS

HyGIS v2 applies the latest open-source technology to provide various map control functions required in GIS tools. It includes Downloader Plugin, which can be used to download DEM, GML, soil and land cover datasets, and Drainage Plugin, which can be used to create the hydrological model input data.

Latest open source technology applied: Layer rendering, screen zoom in/out, clip, merge, etc.
Raster data conversion: Coordinate system, resampling, format, merge and vectorization.
Hydrological geography analysis: Stream and watershed extractions.
Conversion to OGC KML data: Overlapping in the Vworld desktop.

Hydrological model data processing: FillSink, FlowDirection, slope, etc.
Download Digital elevation (DEM)
Download DEM and land-related data consisting of sets in each basin
Download GML for basins and rivers, using Vworld API.
HyGIS Editon
Classification Free Edition Commercial Edition Remarks
S/W costs Free 5 Million KRW (VAT not included)
Technical support (by email) Registration and Support Registration and Support (within 5 business days) Korean
Technical support (by telephone and 3 timed visits) Supports available at charge included Korean
Education Support Supports available at charge Free (2 days x 6 hours) Domestic
HermeSys Solutions

As the spatial geography information technology evolves,
HermeSys is developing technologies that respond to the requirements of the rapidly changing GIS market.
Hermesys are assessing the characteristics of business in various fields
and developing and supplying optimal solutions that meet the professionalism in this field.

  • Guidance System for Road Name Address(WEB)
  • Water Resources GIS S/W (HyGIS)
  • KMA (Korea Meteorological Agency)'s Weather Forecasts on Villages:
    Data Processing Technology
  • ITS Communication (Sensor) Information,
    GIS Processing Technology
  • HermeSys/WMS-Based
    WEB Commercial Area Analysis System
  • Development of RS Image Data (Layer) Utilization Technology Using OpenAPI
  • HermeSys/WMS-Based Precipitation Frequency utilization system
  • Sewage Register Computerization Out of Yangpyung County's Main Sewerage Area Maintenance Project
    (Building system and data )
  • Monitoring River and Basin Project -
    Real-Time Sensing and Comparative Analysis
  • Jungsun County's Water Pipe Network Management System
    (Building system and data)
  • Monitoring River and Basin Project -
    Analysis of Landslide Hazard
  • Monitoring River and Basin Project -
    Soil Loss Analysis
  • KICT's TBM Analysis Application SW Area Consulting (Technical)
  • Jungsun County's Management and Operation Support System of Information on Civil Affairs for Water Pipe Network
  • Mutual Operation and Convergence Processing Technology of Google OpenAPI + User GIS DB
  • KMA's radar rainfall
    (Universal Format Data)
    Processing Technology
  • Site Management and Location Guidance System of New Address Data
  • HermeSys Cloud Computing
    - with the MS Windows Azure Platform
  • Smart GIS Solution that can operate
    and manage GIS information anytime
    and anywhere – HermeSys WMS
  • GIS-Based Economic Analysis for Flood Control (Estimation of Water Flooding Rates under the MDF-FDA system)
  • Spatial Portal Site
About HermeSys

Through ongoing R&D activities,
HermeSys will provide better service and remain as a company that aims at mutual growth with customers.


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